Renaissance Faires

Since 2014 Bad Idea Variety Show has been on the road traveling to Renaissance Faires showcasing “Better Entertainment Through Poor Life Choices”

Offering two distinctly different shows.  The “Bad Idea Variety Show” is a show case of variety acts based around not so brilliant ideas for playing chubby bunny or to a round of russian roulette.

“My Faire-vorite Life” is an introduction to people through magic and a bit of variety about all of the things that go into a renaissance faire.  A sampler of a faire in a tiny 30 minute show.

Both acts are either solo or a duo act featuring Douglas Stafford and his (occasional) assistant Honeysuckle.

Lastly part what makes us a more unique and enjoyable act is that between sets we bring other forms of entertainment such as close up magic and oversized bubbles for the patrons to play with.

bubblesFire Torchees
From us to you;  merry meet and merry part and you never, ever, do what we do…. (twould be a bad idea)